TRAVEL // Roy's Peak // Wanaka // New Zealand

There are so many images of Roy's peak floating around that I couldn't help but go and see what all the fuss was about. Not to mention the fact that it has my name written on it. We did a drive-by the day before our hike to find the access and it wasn't hard to find because the tiny area that wasn't even big enough to call a car park was overflowing with camper vans & rental cars. While I'm sure the sunsets up there are amazing we decided that we'd try climbing it for sunrise.

Glendhu Bay Wanaka New Zealand Sunrise

Climb day started with a 2:30am alarm and clumsily getting ready inside our camper. Once we'd reached the access I was a little surprised to see that there were already some climbers part way up the hill. I think I was mostly disappointing that I wasn't as hardcore as I thought. We'd done our research and checked the forecast for the climb but what we didn't consider was the difference in temperature from base to peak. We'd dressed for 0 degrees and gusty winds but the conditions on the first leg of the climb were very mild which in the amount of thermal gear we were wearing was like trying to trudge through a rain forest while wrapped in a quilt. 

Roy's Peak, Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, New Zealand

I can't say much about the climb up because we could barely see past a few meters. One thing worth noting is there is A LOT of sheep poop. I'd seen it written on a blog but thought they might have just been overreacting but seriously its EVERYWHERE. Consider yourself warned if you're planning on climbing it in the dark. Part way up we started seeing some light creep its way into the bay.


Getting to the top of this climb was definitely rewarding but like everything outdoors mother nature can sometimes decide not to put on a show. Heavy cloud cover combined with fog blocked out the sunrise and hid the postcard view that we'd been chasing. Nevertheless we enjoyed the shifting fog with a hot cup of bulletproof coffee and basked in the fact that I was on top of a peak that had my name on it.