Santorini // Oia Sunrise

The Greek Island of Santorini has been on my list of places to visit for a while now. From what i'd seen from other travellers' experiences it was going to be great but I don't think i was prepared for just how stunning this little Island is. Its exactly as beautiful and romantic as everyone says it is. We spent the few days we had on a quad bike hopping from beach to beach and racing to magnificent panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding Islands. We were told by our hotel hostess to check out Oia at sunset, which was beautiful but much too crowded for Jordan and I so we headed back early and prepped for an early morning. Riding in the cool morning with Jordan's arms wrapped tightly around me, racing the sun to get to Oia before it rose over the sea. We reached Oia just as the sun breached the horizon with only the two of us in the town centre save for one or two locals getting their shops ready for the day and the odd tourist who fought off sleeping in like us. It was perfect. You might notice in one photo that Jordan isn't wearing shoes, we had a mishap at Red Beach the previous day which ended with a whole lot of water in my camera bag, luckily nothing was damaged but we lost Jordan's shoes to the sea. The morning was spent wandering through the sleeping town together stopping to take photos until the heat and the tourists came in.